THE SIGNES OF THE PAST - Documentary Film

Original Title: Shenjat e të Kaluarës

English Title: Signs of the Past

Finished: March, 2015

Length: 30 min

Director: Muhamet Bytyqi

Screenplay: Muhamet Bytyqi

DOP: Muhamet Bytyqi

Editor: Gencer Tatar

Composer: Kuarteti Pentagram

Sound Design: Gencer Tatar

Producer: Mamer Fusha

Production Company: RTV Besa



‘Signs of the Past’ reflects the everyday experiences of the artisans in Prizren, Kosovo. Survival is the best word to describe their reality, which entails challenges, experiences, joy, and sorrow of their everyday life.

Producer’s Contact:

Mamer Fusha

[email protected]

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