KOSOVO DOGS - Documentary Film

Original Title: Kosova Dogs

English Title: Kosova Dogs

Director: Blerdi Malushi

Screenplay: Blerdi Malushi

DOP: Bujar Berisha

Editor: Kreshnik Haxhidauti

Sound Design: Muhamet Veseli

Producer: Blerdi Malushi

Co-producer: Birol Urcan, Lumbardh Kukaj

Production Company: Maximus


When the topic of discussion is about the relation between man and a dog, we regularly hear this story through the voice of the man. This documentary is another attempt to tell the story about this relation, which with its positive and negative fragments has lasted for millennia and is still going on. However, this time we will aim hard to tell this story not only through the perspective of the man but also from the perspective of the dog.


Producer’s Contact:

Blerdi Malushi

[email protected]

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