HEALTH - Short Film

Production: MF Group
Director: Arsim Haliti, 
DOP: Mumin Jashari, 
Compositor: Trimor Dhomi, 
Producer: Mumin Jashari,
Aktoret/Actor: Dion Hajdari, Bajrush Mjaku, Fatmir Spahiu, Emine Toska, Avni Abazi.
Synopsis: Trimi is a boy about 12 years old. It is very poor in health. Its complex body is short. Wounds from anorexia. His father dies "accidentally", eating meat. No one can convince Trim to feed more. It differs from other companions in behavior, communication. Boredom in schools is constantly ridiculed by friends and friends who harass him. The teacher behaves very harshly with him, just like his father. I bang. After the father's death the mother is unable to take care of Trim's life. Put it and send it to a shelters in a special health program. Later all the shelter children get out of there, their parents come and take turns. The boss waits in the window, and his mother does not come. This is healthier, thicker and longer. From the window she sees a minibus that has come to the shelter yard and brought a group of unhealthy children. 

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