E KUQJA - Short Film

Production: Frame
Screenplay: Gazmend Nela
Director: Gazmend Nela
Cast: Mevlyd Osmani, Fatime Llugiqi, Luan Kryeziu, Kenan Gurgurovci.

Synopsin: A story about two childhood friends who had fallen into the blood, speaks of a painful tradition, and an event where there are no winners.The bloodstained clothes hanging in front of the house remind John of the retribution he has to bring for the brother whom he had killed a close friend.Family pressure and pressure on canonical habits will overwhelm John from life, and he must take revenge before blood on his brother's clothes fades. Fleeing is not an option in a village where all they have is face and honor.On the day the search is received, the mother gives him food because he "needs a good hangman", and the father wipes the rifle and advises him to "shoot the dead" to his close friend of childhood.

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