The South Eastern Europe CINEMA NETWORK, which is more commonly abbreviated to the SEE CINEMA NETWORK, is a well-established film institution. It was founded in the spring of 2000 on the island of Hydra, where organizations representing the national cinemas of 11 countries in South Eastern Europe had met to set it up.

The Greek Film Center undertook to provide the new network with secretarial support and staff, and to cover its operating costs.

The Network draws its funding from its member nation’s cinema organizations.

It is governed by the General Assembly of National Representatives, a three-member executive committee and its Executive Secretary. The General Assembly meets twice a year: once in June in one of the Network’s member-states and once in November in Thessaloniki, the Network’s headquarters.

The Network seeks to develop collaboration between cinema professionals in its member states. To this end, it supports:

the Development of international co-productions (fiction films)
the Production of short films (which it part-funds)

The SEE CINEMA NETWORK also organizes events designed to promote films produced in its member states. Such events includes the presentation of a Balkan programme at various national festivals held in Network member states and the staging of a week dedicated to the national cinema of one member in a different member state.

The Network also seeks to develop collaborations with other similar regional networks, as well as with neighbouring countries in the Southern Mediterranean.

Kosovo Cinematography Center has become members in 2017.

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