'Vera Dream of the Sea' wins the Grand Prix at Tokyo Film Festival

“Vera dreams of the Sea/Deti”, a film directed by Kaltrina Krasniqi and scenario by Doruntina Basha is awarded with Grand Prix / The Governor of Tokyo Award, 34th edition’s most important prize of the International Film Festival in Tokio, where also was played Asian premiere last week.

There are some reasons why it got me so emotional. First thing ist that Kosovo has never been part of this prestigious festival. Also, the jury chair, Isabelle Huppert, has always been my all time favourite actress. And last but not least, japanesse cinematography has always been a reference point to my professional growth, hence I feel honored by this prize”, said the director Krasniqi.

In the film, Vera’s quiet daily life is disturbed by her husband’s sudden suicide, that puts her in an unwanted parade of her cousins threats, claiming they have ownership ower her family home in the village. When the tendencies of an underground scheme begin to emerge, Vera’s world deals with danger that feels like drowning her. Fear and disbelief/distrust[L1] , pushed her take her family’s fate onto her hands.

Submerged into a tense situation, “Vera dreams of the Sea/Deti”, is an intimate but also universal portrait of a woman who fights the harsh reality of gender inequality, rooted deeply in even today's society.

Roles: Teuta Ajdini Jegeni, Alketa Syla, Refet Abazi, Astrit Kabashi, Arona Zyberi, Aurita Agushi, Ilire Vinca, Xhevat Qorraj, etc.Photography director: Sevdije Kastrati. Producent: Shkumbin Istrefi.

“Vera dreams of the Sea/Deti” is a co-production of  Kosovo (Puntoria Kreative Isstra, Vera Films), North Mecedonia (Dreama Factory) and Albania (Papadhmitri Productions), supported by Kosovo Cinematography Center, North Macedonia Film Agency and National Cinematography Center – Albania.

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[L1]Not sure in which context it has been said.

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