‘Hive’ by Blerta Basholli is Kosovo’s official entry for the Oscars

Three times winner at Sundance ‘Hive’ by Blerta Basholli is proposed by Kosovo as its official entry for the Oscars International Feature race.

“‘Hive’ is both intimate and universal, that touches deeply with its story of pain, endurance and ultimately triumph. The film is masterfully realistic, restrained and with deep gravity. Fahrie Hoti's true story in ‘Hive’ is an inspiring cinematic expression that challenges the status quo and the submissive roles constructed by society in Kosovo and world.” stated the selection committee after selecting ‘Hive’ as the Kosovo’s candidate for the 94th Academy Awards.

Film team is made of: producers: Yll Uka Valon Bajgora, and Agon Uka; DOP Alex Bloom, editor Enis Saraçi and Félix Sandri, and co-producers, Britta Rindelaub, Kristijan Burovski, Tomi Salkovski, and Paskal Semini. Main cast: Yllka Gashi, Çun Lajçi, Kumrije Hoxha, Aurita Agushi, Kaona Sylejmani, Mal Noah Safçiu, Adriana Matoshi, Astri Kabashi, Molikë Maxhuni, Blerta Ismaili, Valire Haxhijaj Zeneli, Armend Smajli, Ilir Prapashtica Xhejlane Terbunja, Shkelqim Islami etc .; ‘Hive’ is a co-production between Kosovo, Switzerland, Albania and Northern Macedonia, and with global sales rights from LevelK.

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