Minister Gashi: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport increases budget for Kosovo Cinematography Center by 100%

The Kosovo Cinematography Center will be supporting 28 new film projects from this years annual bid with a newly increased budget that reaches 1.4 million Euros.

Kujtim Gashi, The Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, visited the Kosovo Cinematography Center last Tuesday where he announced his and the Ministries support for the KCC, saying “ We are here today to congratulate the continuous hard work, commitment, and success that the KCC has shown. This hard work and commitment is seen in the rising success of our film industry, with tangible results and award winning films like “Shok”, “Babai”, “Martesa” and many others. As recognition of this we have decided to increase the annual budget for the production support of the KCC by 100% from 600,000 Euros to 1,200,000 Euros which will bring the total budget of the KCC to 1.4 million Euros. We encourage all filmmakers from Kosovo to continue with their hard work and believe that many filmmakers, artists and the industry in general will only develop further. Until now around 18 films yearly were supported whereas with this increase this figure will rise to 28. This is an important moment for the KCC and the Republic of Kosovo.”

The Director of the Kosovo Cinematography Center, Arben Zharku commenting on this budgetary increase added “Films from Kosovo have rightfully earned a good reputation ranging from success in international festivals all the way to an Oscar nomination, and with this support the successes of Kosovo Cinematography will only grow further.”

The awarded feature film projects are Ekzil, written and directed by Visar Morina and produced by Yll Uka; Ne Kerkim Te Veneres, written and directed by Norika Sefa and produced by Besnik Krapi; Rapsodia e Muzgut, written by Zymber Kelmendi, directed by Agim Sopi and produced by Besim Ugzmajli; Debora, written and directed by Arlinda Morina and produced by Luigj Bejta; Lëkura e krokodilit, written and directed by Ilirjan Himaj and produced by Teuta Krasniqi; and Heshtja e Sirenave, written and directed by Gazmend Nela and produced by Arben Shala.The awarded minority coproduction feature films are Liqeni Im, written and directed by Gjergj Xhuvani and produced by Liridon Cahani; Illyrcvm, written and directed by Simon Bogojevi Narath and produced by Fatmir Spahiu; Homo, written and directed by Igor Ivanov and produced by Lumbardh Kukaj. The feature debutant film awarded is Galaktika e Andromedës; written and directed by More Raça and produced by Sunaj Raça. The awarded post-production feature film is Diamanti, written and produced by Besart Sllamniku and directed by Genc Berisha.

The awarded script development projects are Hotline, written by Dren Zherka and produced by Bujar Kabashi; Hunting Bears, written by Edon Rizvanolli and produced by Mentor Shala; The Tiny Walkers, written and produced by Jeton Kullinxha; Njeriu Me Valixhen Vjollce, written by Ulpiana Maloku and produced by Edin Alija; Tifozi i Jugosllavise, written and produced by Arian Krasniqi; and Ikja, written and produced by Artur Tahiraj.

The awarded short film projects are Qaty a Qitu, written and directed by Dina Morina and produced by Adea Kelmendi; Ombrella, written by Ag Apolloni, directed by Ben Apolloni, and produced by Xhemajl Avdyli; Fan Noli, written and produced by Milot Hoxha and directed by Jehona Berisha.

The awarded animated film projects are Melodia Kardiake, written and directed by Leopard Cana and produced by Njomza Hadri; and Vija e Kuqe, written and directed by Rron Bajri and produced by Vullnet Sanaja.

The awarded feature length documentary projects are Thyeje Heshtjen, written and directed by Ekrem Rrahmani and produced by Kushtrim Sheremeti; Skenderbeu Edhe Ne Shkup, written and directed by Kastriot Abdyli and produced by Venera Abdyli; Lufta Per Shkollen, written and produced by Nuhi Bytyci and produced by Ilir Kabashi; Fisi i Humbur, written by Garentina Kraja, directed by Arzana Kraja, and produced by Fitim Shala; Rrugetimi im nga Shkupi, permbi Zagreb, deri.., written and directed by Mirjana Novak Perjanec and produced by Kujtim Shabani; and Kosova dhe Hebrenjte, written by Jakov Sedlar and Rabbi Rober Selzer, directed by Jakov Sedlar, and produced by Lorena Sopi.


The evaluating jury for Feature Film, Minority Coproduction, and Debutant consisted of: Florent Mehmeti (Head of the Jury), Isa Qosja, Doruntina Basha, Blerta Zeqiri, Jozko Rutar, Giovanni Rabbianno, and Ilir Gjocaj. The evaluating jury for Short Film, Documentary, Animation and Script Development consisted of: Ilir Bokshi (Head of the Jury), Ilir Ajdini, Jahi Jahiu, Mentor Haliti, Visar Krusha, Visare Aliu, and Arbenesha Grabovci Nixha.

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