World Premiere of "On the Way" in Cannes

Less than three years after the screening of the short film "Pa vend," the new film by Samir Karahoda represents Kosovo for the second time in the main competition of the world's most important festival.

"On the Way," written by Samir Karahoda and his son Miron, had its world premiere along with ten other short films from around the world competing for the Palme d'Or at Cannes.

Present at the film's premiere were Minister Çeku, Kosovo's Ambassador to France Mr. Halimi, cultural advisor Rozafa Imami, and the Director of the Kosovo Cinematography Center Blerta Zeqiri.

The film tells the story of a father and his son on their way to the airport to receive a gift sent from abroad by the son's godfather. As they face bureaucratic obstacles and an unpleasant prospect of real political and social changes in their country, they find comfort and strength in their shared optimism for the future.

The main roles are played by Ylber Mehmeti and Miron Karahoda. Director of photography is Samir Karahoda, edited by Enis Saraçi.
The film is a production of 'SK Pictures' with producers Eroll Bilibani and Samir Karahoda.
"On the Way" is supported by the Kosovo Cinematography Center, the European Cultural Television 'ARTE,' and the Finnish Television 'Yle.'

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