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Media arts are creative arts for the development of audio-visual products through various forms and genres of motion picture presentation. The aim of this program is to combine knowledge and techniques from all the arts and advanced technology to the development of high-quality professional and artistic media products.
One of the main questions students have before enrolling in this program is: What will I do if I study in the BA program "Medial Arts"? The answer is that the student is given the opportunity to gain a strong insight into the creation of media products such as short film, long film, documentary film, video reportages, studio interviews, direct broadcasting, film and television screenplay, digital animation, etc. But, he / she can specialize as a producer, journalist, filmmaker, etc.
What makes this program unique is that the program orientes students towards the professional process of planning and realizing the story. All media texts are realized considering the fact that they are stories that appear before the viewer. Since Horaci, we know that stories should be dulce and useful - enjoyable and useful.
Studies in media art are made within the spectrum divided into the production profile and that of television journalism. This division aims to follow the spirit of development of media texts: production aims at the free type of media art such as artistic film, documentary film, animated film, sigle, etc., while television journalism targets specific television projects such as interview, reportage, live broadcast, specific TV show, etc. However, the first academic year is the same for both profiles. The second and third years change and as such give the specific curriculum specific nature.
In addition to professional practice in concrete and screened projects transmitted to the general public at events and televisions, students learn how to explore and analyze the aesthetic and communicative potential of media texts from photo to film.
SHLPA Evolution has a partnership agreement with RTV21 through which our students are able to perform a practical part in the studios of this medium. The school also owns its video production studios equipped with current technology in the video production industry.

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