Film Directing Program - Bachelor

With the opening of the Department of Directing for Film and Television at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prishtina in 2000, now a decade has enabled us to conclude for the achievements of this branch (during these years the students participated in many national and international festivals), which is immanent for the program of directing, because it enables the level of these studies to retain the weight of professional, creative and artistic training in the field of film and television. Based on the syllabus of the subjects of this program, students will achieve professional, artistic and pedagogical successes, both in terms of theoretical, educational and creative. These studies will enable students to create independently and original, artistic and creative, and exploit all their creative and intellectual potential to form their personality, to be an active part in making a movie, on television , and educating new generations. At the end of this course will be equipped with a Bachelor Degree in which is marked "Bachelor of Film and Television Director".

   - Ability of students to enter film work through film language and professional exercises.
   - Professionally enrolling students based on the theory, practice, and other specifics of the courses in this course, begin to elucidate their creativity.
   - Enabling students to study the works of the world's greatest authors to have elaborate approaches to gaining scholarly and creative recognition.
   - Professional training and preparation of students for higher education.
   - Presentation of their films at festivals, in Kosovo and abroad.

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