Film Festival “Hyjnesha në Fron”-“The Goddess on the Throne” was founded in 2002 by Besim Ajeti actor, TV Produceras the first film festival in Kosovo.
Seven previous editions where held in different cities of Kosova but starting the last 7th edition the festival will be held in Fushë Kosova Railway Station.
Short films will be shown on the train trips from one city to another, and feature films will be shown on the premises of the Railway Station.


“Hyjnesha në Fron” –“The goddess on the throne” is the world famous statue which dates back over 5000 years , it is a monument of native Kosovo , and considered as a masterpiece of ancient art.
Being represented with such a statue as a film festival makes us proud and determined to continue to encourage and support film projects by promoting and evaluating new filmmakers’s work and also by creating new contacts with artists from abroad to consider opportunities of co productions.

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