A Cup Of Coffee And New Shoes

English Title: A cup of coffee and new shoes  

Director: Gentian Koci

Screenplay: Gentian Koci

 Producer: Liridon Cahani

 Production Company: Added Value Films
In today’s Tirana, Agim and Gëzim, two inseparable deaf-mute identical twin brothers in their forties, live under the same roof. Ana, Gëzim’s girlfriend, a young high-spirited woman in her thirties, visits them quite often. One evening, Agim is driving back home with Gëzim, when his sight gets blurred and a fatal accident nearly occurs. At the ophthalmologist, a few days later, the two brothers discover that due to a genetic and rare disease, they will separately, but progressively and irreversibly go blind. Slowly immersing into an unbearable silenced darkness, not being able to see the world and each other anymore, only Ana by their side, the two brothers have to make a strong decision around a cup of coffee with new shoes on

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