FAN OF YUGOSLAVIA - Script Development

Original Title: “Tifozi I Jugosllavisë”

English Title: “Fan of Yugoslavia”

Finished by:  2021

Total Budget: 350.000 Eur

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC: 5000 euro for script development

Estimated Length: 90 min

Director: Not yet

Screenplay: Arian Krasniqi

Producer: Arian Krasniqi


Production Company: Industriel (Kosovo)




In a peripheral city in Kosovo, in the summer of 1998, PETRITI on his 14th birthday receives a pledge for a "secret gift" from his uncle’s son, AFRIMI (28) and a kiss from his Serbian neighbor JELENA (17), the daughter of the local police commander.

The happiness of Petrit, on his day of birth, after the kiss of Jelenka, the ball bought with the money of his uncle Sefë, breaks when in the sitting room he hears the conversation between men, especially that part when Afrim shows his dad and lair, that Ivica has heard that if in the basketball match (Yugoslavia-Lithuania's semi-final) does not win Yugoslavia, the police officers, especially the Arkan paramilitary units, may get irritated and kill Albanians.

Extremely frightened, without informing anyone, Petriti goes to the home of his friend, Armend, to follow the basketball match. From this moment, Petriti, wanting nothing bad to happen to him and his family, turns into a fiery fan of Yugoslavia.


Producer’s Contact: [email protected],

Tel: 00383 44 300045

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