KOSOVO AND JEWS - Documentary Film


English Title:  KOSOVO AND JEWS

Finished by:   September 2019

Total Budget: 212.000,00 Euro

Public funds already in place - subsidized by KCC:  50.000,00 Euro

Estimated Length: 60 min

Director:  Jakov Sedlar

Screenplay: Jakov Sedlar

Producer:  Lorena Sopi

Co-producer:  Domenik Sedlar

Production Company: AS Film Production




Although, apparently, in Ulpiana, village near Pristina today, there was once standing one of the oldest synagogues in all of Europe. From the time of ancient Rome, before the persecution of the Jews from Spain in the 15th century, there is no record of their presence in Kosovo.  Over time, the number of Jews in Kosovo increased, so it is stated, in 1912 there resided roughly 3000 Jews in that region. They lived in a great relationship with the local Albanian population, mutually respecting each other. But their fate begins to change after Serbia conquers Kosovo. World War II brings about new troubles and Jews in Kosovo suffer greatly by the German Nazis and Serbian Pulpit Nazi state of Milan Nedic. Among other things, in Pristina, in 1942. a concentration camp was built for Jews who were sent to the camp, and from there on to other camps across Europe...


Producer’s Contact:     +383 38 245 557

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