A MONTH - Short Film

Original Title: Një Muaj

English Title: A month

Year of Production: 2017

Length: 26’

Director: Zgjim Terziqi

Screenplay: Zgjim Terziqi

DOP: Dubravka Kurobasa

Editor: Enis Saraqi

Cast: Makfire Miftari, May-Linda Kosumovic, Luan Jaha, Shengyl Ismajli, Irena Cahani, Fatmir Spahiu etc.

Producer: Agon Syla

Production Company: Broken Branch Productions 

Based on a true story. Ana is a quiet, unmarried 40-year-old blind woman, who lives month to month with each of her four sisters, who collect government assistance for her care.

Producer’s Contact: 
Agon Syla
[email protected]

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