AVENGE - Documentary Film


Original Title: Avenge

English Title: Avenge

Finished by: End of 2018

Estimated Length: 90’

Director: Marija Zidar

Screenplay: Marija Zidar

DOP: Latif Hasolli

Producer: Danijel Hocevar, Latif Hasolli

Production Company: VERTIGO & DERA FILM


In the remote mountains of Albania, a young girl is shot dead, intercepting a bullet intended for her father. Although the killer is in prison, the father is now expected to either forgive her daughter’s blood to the killer’s family, his own neighboring relatives, or avenge her death by taking a life himself – according to the centuries-old Albanian custom of blood revenge. When two groups of mediators request reconciliation and forgiveness from the father, he continuously refuses to forgive without remorse. In the tragic story that cannot be undone, the complex history and clashing motivations of all sides involved in the conflict are slowly revealed. The documentary has been shot in observational cinema style over the course of four years. 

Producer’s Contact:

VERTIGO * Danijel Hočevar * [email protected] *

DERA FILM * Latif Hasolli *   [email protected]

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