Feature Film
Production: Labia Film
Screenplay: Ekrem Kryeziu 
Director: Ekrem Kryeziu
DOP: Shukri Kaqaniku
Actors: Xhevat Qorraj, Ilir Tafa, Mentor Zymberaj, Shpetim Kastrati, Bubulina Laji, Un Laji, Fatime Sefaj
Length: 115min
Synopsis: The movie "Code of Life" narrates the sad story of several characters during the war in Kosova 1998-1999. "Code of Life" is based on the conflict between the humane and the inhumane sides. "Code of Life" is sequenced into three dramaturgical points of view, which interlink with each other as the film progresses, and as we come closer to the end everything falls into its place. The movie ends with the triumph of the humane side.


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