The world premiere of the film "Fran and Verka: or a usual day in an abandoned village" was shown at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

he short documentary film “Fran and Verka: or a usual day in an abandoned village” supported by the Center for Cinematography of Kosovo, directed by Sovran Nrecaj and produced by Aurela Kadriu had its world premiere at the 29th edition of Sarajevo Film Festival.

The documentary unfolds the story of Fran and Verka, a Croat couple from Kosovo, who are the sole inhabitants of Vërnakollë - a village in Kosovo. Through the documentation of a usual day of the couple, the documentary invites us to rethink the feelings of loneliness, belonging and the bond with the place we call home.

After the premiere, the film crew answered questions from the audience in a Q&A session moderated by Rada Sesic, programmer of the documentary competition program at Sarajevo Film Festival.

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