The filmmaker, anthropologist, and director of the Kosovo Cinematography Center, Lum Çitaku, has been invited to become part of the European Film Academy. Lum has nearly two decades of rich career in filmmaking, visual arts, and over 10 years of experience in cultural management. He has worked as a director and creator, leader of cultural and cinematographic programs, producer, lecturer, and film and new media researcher in different cultural and technological contexts.

"I am delighted and honored to join the European Film Academy, with whom we are collaborating closely on joint projects that contribute to the development of the art of film and film culture, the protection and celebration of cinematographic heritage, as well as the education of audiences in the country and Europe"

Lum has completed his Master's studies in Visual and Media Anthropology (Department of Political and Social Sciences - Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the Freie University in Berlin). He previously completed his Bachelor of Arts and Applied Sciences studies from the Rochester Institute of Technology. As a scholarship holder of the EU's YCS program - which aims to build a professional and apolitical civil service in Kosovo, Lumi has joined the Kosovo Cinematography Center in January 2019, to continue contributing to the field of film from within the institutions, and from July 2021 he leads the central film institution.

The European Film Academy was founded in 1989 with the first director Ingmar Bergman together with other founding members such as Pedro Almodovar, Lindsay Anderson, Bernardo Bertolucci, Sir Ben Kingsley, Andrzej Wajda, Wim Wenders, etc. The European Film Academy was established to advance the interests of the common European film industry, and educate and cultivate audiences of all ages for European cinema.

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