“Looking for Venera” is Kosovo’s entry for Oscars 2023

 “Looking for Venera” directed by Norika Sefa, is proposed by this year’s Kosovo selection committee to be the country’s entry for the Oscars 2023 International Feature race.

 “Apart from its successful festival journey, ‘Looking for Venera’ outstands for authenticity and thematic variety of the recent Kosovar cinema. The film inimitably makes one observe from a distance while at the same time binds you to each character. We believe the world needs authentic filmmakers, and the unique approach and language of Norika Sefa makes the film a sincerely worthy candidate.” expressed the Kosovo selection committee responsible for proposing the Kosovo Entry.

The story is about the quiet, taciturn teenager Venera (played by Kosovare Krasniqi) living in a small town in Kosovo. At home, where three generations are crawling together in a small house, she has hardly any privacy.

“I am particularly excited that ‘Looking for Venera’, a masterfully created life-world of a teenage girl, in an almost fictitious sensory ethnographic oeuvre of a small village, has been chosen to represent Kosovo in the biggest cinema platform in the world.” added the head of Kosovo Cinematography Center, Mr. Lum Çitaku, after selection committee’s decision.

“Looking for Venera” among many prizes around the world, has received the “Special Jury Award” at Rotterdam International Film Festival, “Best Director Award” and “Best Actress Award” at Hong Kong International Film Festival, “Special Award for the Promotion of Gender Equality” at Sarajevo Film Festival, “Best Film” at Vilnius International Film Festival, “Best Film” at Trieste Film Festival etc.

“Looking for Venera'' produced by Besnik Krapi, is a co-production of Kosovo and North Macedonia, supported by Kosovo Cinematography Center, North Macedonia Film Agency, Municipality of Prishtina and Municipality of Kaçanik.

Last edition, Kosovo’s official entry was “Hive” directed by Blerta Basholli.

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