A successful Cannes edition for the Film institution

The promotion of Kosovo’s film projects in this Cannes edition, has been characterized with numerous meetings with different festival programmers, producers, distributors, public fund managers, authors, commentators, critics and film promotion organizations.

As planned before, on festival fourth day was signed the agreement for cinematic co-production between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of France.

This agreement represents excellent inter-state relations and markes as well the strengthening of cultural approach between Kosovo and France. A moment of pride. Congrats to the film community, wishing succes in joint Kosovar – French film productions”, said Minister Ceku during the signment occasion.

“The potential of an increased interaction between the talent and Kosovar cinema spirit, with incredible French cinema culture and tradition, makes this bilateral agreement of special importance to both film communities. This collaboration formalization besides regulating film co-productions in a contemporary European context, it paves the way to the initiation and  frequency increasement of new co-productions”, said the Director of KCC, Lum Citaku.

After the signing agreement with the Republic of France, the Minister Ceku, the Director Citaku and the Chef of the Cabinet, mrs. Krasniqi, had a very fruitful and prductive meeting with mrs. Trautmann and mrs. Baudais, President and Director of Euroimages - the most important European film fund established by the European Council.

In this event was also present the Ambassador of Republic of Kosovo in France, mr. Halimi, together with Valon Ibraj and Donato Giuliani from French Embassy, who faciliated the meeting.  

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