Another great success for Kosovar cinematography – ‘Looking for Venera’ by Norika Sefa wins Rotterdam's Special Jury Award

"This movie took 5 years of my life, not little!! "I am very happy that I had the good fortune to work with everyone behind this film, everyone who has given meaning and many nuances to this experience." "This award is very important for the film, but also a sign of prestige because festivals like IFFR

like to encourage innovation in film language. "This is a great motivation for the way I work." I personally thank Besnik, the closest collaborator, someone who trusted me, pushed and encouraged me, but also Luis Armando Arteaga - knowing that this film was intended to challenge the visual side, I know how much energy and motivation was needed to get here! ” said director Norika Sefa through a video message during the awards ceremony.

"I want to thank Norika, first for the idea, the script, and then for the result she has brought to the screen with such dedication and persistence down to the smallest possible detail. I am happy that together we managed to complete a project successfully.

I thank the wonderful cast and team, without exception. " "Special thanks to the Kosovo Cinematography Center for trusting us", "The Film Agency of Northern Macedonia, and the citizens of Kaçanik for an endless commitment, and help during the filming" said producer Besnik Krapi on the occasion of receiving the news for the prize.

The film stars: Kosovare Krasniqi, Rozafa Çelaj, Erjona Kakeli, Basri Lushtaku, Bleon Monolli, Fatushe Nushi, Ajan Zharku, Ermal Bilalli, Tristan Halilaj, Shend Miftari, Anisa Ismajli, Sheqerie Buqaj, etc. With director of photography - Luis Armando Arteaga, editing - Stefan Stabenow, scenography - Arben Shala, sound - Risto Alchinov, costume designer - Desantila Lika, and makeup - Lidona Berisha.

"Looking for Venera" is a co-production between Kosovo and Northern Macedonia produced by Circle Production with producer Besnik Krapi and co-producers Igor Popovski and Gazmend Nela. The film was also supported by the Municipality of Kaçanik and the Municipality of Prishtina.

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