‘Exil’ by Visar Morina is a candidate for Golden Globes 2021

Kosovo nomination for Oscars, ‘Exil’ by Visar Morina is a candidate to be nominated for Golden Globes which will be held on 28 February.

The Golden Globe article paraphrases the director by emphasizing that the film is partly autobiographical - Visar was 15 years old when he migrated to Germany. However, Visar elaborates that the film presents something even more universal than just the experience of an immigrant: “As for Xhaferi, I believe that any person, not just a stranger, can end up in his situation. You do not have to leave your village or your hometown to understand this. "

Exil had its world premiere in Sundance and the European one in Berlinale, to later win the Heart of Sarajevo, the main prize of the Sarajevo festival. In October, Visar Morina's film was selected by the selection committee to be Kosovo's nomination for the Best International Feature category at the Oscars.

The film follows Xhaferi, originally from Kosovo (played by Misel Maticevic), a chemical engineer living in Germany who suspects that he has been targeted by his racist colleagues.

Golden Globe article on Exile:

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