Kosovo proposes Visar Morina’s ‘Exil’, as the official candidate for the Oscars

After BABAI in 2016, EXIL will be the second film by Visar Morina that Kosovo proposes as the official candidate for the OSCARS. ‘Exil’ won the Heart of Sarajevo, the top prize of Sarajevo’s International Film Festival this August. In January and February the film had its world and European premieres at Sundance’s World Cinema Dramatic Competition and Berlinale’s Panorama Programme.

“‘Exil’ is a sharp portrait of the already integrated generation of immigrants, a generation that we rarely see on film, who despite personal achievements are hardly freed from the feeling of being a foreigner.

We consider that the film speaks in a universal way, not only for Albanians, but for all those who leave their homelands to find new cities which never became their homes. ‘Exil’ pushes for dialogue on politics of hospitality, a dialogue which has been lacking for a long time” was the statement of the selection committee after selecting ‘Exil’ as the Kosovo’s candidate for the 93rd Academy Awards.

Film’s main cast: Misel Maticevic, Sandra Huller (Toni Erdmann), Rainer Bock, Thomas Mraz, and Flonja Kodheli. "Exil" is a co-production between Germany, Kosovo and Belgium, produced by Komplizen Film, Ikonë Studio and Frakas, with international sales by The Match Factory.

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