Kosovo Cinematography Center announces its film projects for 2017

While summer is just around the corner, Kosovo Cinematography Center (KCC) has the pleasure to announce 18 new film projects that are subsidized in this year’s annual bid. Supporting films in 6 different categories; feature films, debut films, minority co-productions, shorts, docs and script developments.

Seven feature-fiction films are supported by KCC such as Hana by Ujkan Hysaj, director best known for the short film Kolona that received up to eighteen awards, Mbylle Derën (Close the Door) by Parta Kelmendi, Kodra e Diellit (Sunny Hill) by Blerim Gjoci, Nji prej Nesh (One of Us) by Ergys Meta, Bolero në vilën e pleqve (Bolero in the Elders’ Villa) by Spartak Pecani, Happiness by Borjan Zafirovski and Familja (The Family) by Durim Kryeziu.

In the category of short films, supported in this year’s call are film projects: Klithmë (Scream) by Korab Lecaj, Zona (Zone) by Astrit Kabashi, Nanë by Valbona Jashari, Ajo (She) by More Raça and Liria e Zgjedhjes (Liberty to Choose) by Birol Urcan.

Furthermore, KCC supported three feature docs and three projects on script development.

As every year, two evaluation juries are appointed by KCC, and this year, we had the pleasure of having the renowned Kosovar filmmaker who has had a huge success with the film ‘Three Windows and A Hanging’ - Isa Qosja, film critic and Programme director of the FilmFestival Cottbus - Bernd Buder, film producer mainly known for the film ‘Once upon a time in Anatolia’ - Zeynep Atakan, writer Ramadan Musliu, producer Dritan Huqi, director of photography Sevdije Kastrati, and director Artur Tahiraj.

Whereas the evaluation jury for short films, documentary, script development and animated films included DokuFest's artistic director - Veton Nurkollari, actress Rebeka Qena, director Florent Mehmeti, actor and producer Eshref Durmishi, writer Adil Olluri, playwright Jahi Jahiu and last but not least director Ilir Kabashi.

Below is the full list of projects supported by KCC:

In the category of feature fiction film, 3 film projects will be supported:

'Hana' written by Fadil Hysaj, directed by Ujkan Hysaj and produced by Kushtrim Koliqi.

'Mbylle Derën' (Close the Door) written and directed by Parta Kelmendi and produced by Mirsad Lushtaku.

'Kodra e Diellit' (Sunny Hill) written and directed by Blerim Gjoci and produced by Blerim Gjinovci.


In the category of debutant feature film:

'Familja' (The Family) written and directed by Durim Kryeziu and produced by Bardhyl Bejtullahu.


In the category of minority coproduction, 3 films will be supported:

'Nji prej Nesh' (One of Us) written and directed by Ergys Meta and produced by Agron Kryeziu.

'Bolero në vilën e pleqve' (Bolero in the Elders’ Villa) written by Lindita Jaupaj - Fejzaj & Spartak Pecani, directed by Spartak Pecani and produced by Adrian Morina.

'Happiness' written and directed by Borjan Zafirovski and produced by Vjosa Berisha.


In the category of short fiction film, 5 films will be supported:
'Klithmë'  (Scream) written by Korab Lecaj & Hazir Haziri, directed by Korab Lecaj and produced by Besar Zahiti.

'Zona' (Zone) written by Armend Smajli, directed by Astrit Kabashi, produced by Granit Limani.

'Nanë' written and directed Valbona Jashari and produced by Jetmir Zenelaj.

'Ajo' (She) written and directed by More Raça and produced by Sunaj Raça.

'Liria e Zgjedhjes' (Liberty to Choose) written by Semira Latifi, directed by Birol Urcan, produced by Agron Berisha.

In the category of feature documentaries, 3 projects are being supported:

'Aktorët e Kanës' (The Actors of Cannes) written and directed by Mentor Spahiu and produced by Izet Morina.

'Avenge' written and directed by Marija Zidar and produced by Latif Hasolli.

'Urtësia' (Wisdom) written and directed by Bujar Berisha and produced by Berat Kryeziu.


And in the category of script development, 3 projects will be supported:
'Hotel Slavia' written by Besart Sllamniku and produced by Edona Reshitaj.

'Në kërkim të Venerës' (Looking for Venera) written and directed by Norikë Sefa and produced by Besnik Krapi.

'Lëkura e Dashit' (Ram's Skin) written and directed by Dren Zherka and produced by Getoarbë Mulliqi.


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