Continuation of the agreement enabling Kosovar students to study at FAMU was signed today

The continuation of the Memorandum of understanding with the film and television school of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague - FAMU, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Kosovo Cinematography Center, has been signed today. This cooperatain provides secures audio-visual education opportunities for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, especially for the students of this field.  

The continuation of the agreement was signed by the Director of KCC, Arben Zharku and FAMU's vice dean Mr. Ondrej Zach. On the occasion of continuation of this Memorandum, director of KCC Mr. Zharku expresses: "We are delighted that we are continuing this great opportunity for younger generations who dream of studying film in one of the most precious schools in the world. We thank the Ministry of Culture that has continued to support this agreement and to FAMU for this opportunity. "  The full scholarship that is awarded by the Ministry of Culture gives you the chance to study in the Bachelor program (if you speak Czech) and the Master program for: director, screenplay and cinematography.  

The Academy of Fine Arts FAMU in Prague was founded in 1947, being one of the oldest schools in the world, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, is the number one school in Europe and the eleventh in the world. Graduates from this school are many filmmakers and screenwriters known internationally as Oscar winners or international film festival laureates.

So far now 4 Kosovar students: Norika Sefa, Dritëro Mehmetaj, Noar Sahiti, and Enis Saraçi have been awareded this scholarship.

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