Film Certification Board is Appointed

The Kosovo Cinematography Center (KCC), has established the Film Certification Board (FCB), which will be engaged in the issuance of a public screenings of all films produced in Kosovo.

According to the Law on Cinematography, Article 9, paragraph. 9.1. and 9.2 The Visioning Commission has the right to authorize the public screening of the film by categories, cited:
"9.1. For any domestic or foreign film intended to be publicly displayed, before the first show in Kosovo, the distributor, respectively, the performer must obtain permission for the public screening of the film.
9.2. The permission from the above paragraph is provided by the Film Certification Board. "

The members of the FCB appointed by KCC are: Veton Nurkollari, artistic director of the DokuFest festival, Linda Gusia, sociologist, Imer Mushkolaj, publicist & actor, Birol Urcan, director, and an ad hoc person appointed by KCC, different for each movie.

The FCB is expected to play a very important role in creating a more suitable environment for the public of all ages and preventing the emergence of films that incite ethnic, racial, religious hatred.

Particular attention is required from film distributors and film festivals in Kosovo that have to respect the categorization, respectively, to seek for domestic film approvals, while for foreign films respect the categorization from the country of origin or the International Distributor.

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