Long feature “Looking for Venera” has completed filming

Long Feature “Looking for Venera” written and directed by Norika Sefë and produced by Besnik Krapi has completed filming. Leading actors for the film are Kosovare Krasniqi dhe Erjona Kakeli, followed by: Basri Lushtaku, Rozafa Çelaj, Tristan Halilaj, Shend Miftari, Ajan Zharku, Ermal Bilalli, Anisa Ismaili, Sheqerie Buqaj, Bleon Monolli etc.

The film is about the young Venera who is pushed to question her patriarchal family and follow open minded Dorina, whose strong attitude against conventions taps on Venera’s curiosity for exploring more.

Most of the filming took place in the Municipality of Kaçanik and it lasted for 30 days.

“Looking for Venera” is subsidized by the Kosovo Cinematography Center. The film is also supported by the Municipality of Kaçanik.

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