'A Prishtina Story' is playing at Cineplexx from tomorrow

'A Prishtina Story' directed by Burbuqe Berisha, screenplay by Getorbë Mulliqi Bojaj, and producer Agron Vula will start playing at Cineplexx from tomorrow.  'A Pristina story' is a family drama situated in a middle class family facing their daughter's acute leukemia. The film stars Donat Qosja, Teuta Krasniqi, Artiola Hamdiju, Bislim Muçaj, Myrvete Kurtishi, Aurita Agushi, Ylber Bardhi, Armend Baloku, Lis Tafa, Luran Ahmeti and Edi Kastrati. 'A Pristina story' was supported by the Kosovo Cinematography Center in 2015 within the category of debut feature film.

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