Letter of Agreement signed between Kosovo Cinematography Center and Tatino Films

The cooperation agreement between Kosovo Cinematography Center and Tatino Film was signed today at Kosovo stand in Berlinale. This agreement will provide training and supervision for the Kosovo filmmakers with their feature films projects currently in postproduction. This will be actualised through an intensive workshop - First Cut Lab headed by 5 international experts. The first workshop will start of this year.

The KCC Board chair Ilire Vinca who is the initiator of this agreement is “excited that First Cut Lab experts will be with us to offer their knowledge in the advancement of cinematographic standard”.

The purpose of this workshop is to reach the artistic potential of the films and at the same time increase their value in international market and their presence in important festivals.

"We are extremely excited about this new collaboration, the first one of our Lab in the Balkans. We are looking forward accompanying cinema of Kosovo, and upcoming films on their way to completion and the start of their international journey" said the head of First Cut Lab Matthieu Darras.

“With this cooperation we are aiming to further increase our professional capacities in the cinematography sector in Kosovo” - expressed the Director of Kosovo Cinematography Center.

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