Kosovo proposes "The Marriage" for the OSCARS

4th of September 2018, Prishtina, Kosovo - “The Marriage” written and directed by Blerta Zeqiri, winner of two awards at the Tallinn Film Festival, is the official proposal from Kosovo for the Best Foreign Language Film Category of the OSCARS.

The film deals with a forbidden love triangle approaching a wedding. The leading roles are played by Alban Ukaj, Adriana Matoshi, and Genc Salihu.

The head of the selection committee Isa Qosja stated: “The proposed film tackles a different subject than one which we are used to, or rather obliged to, seeing in our industry. It contains a multilayered dramaturgical structure and the actors bring the character’s fates to life with emotion and in a natural manner. The directing is subtle, and the tale is experienced as a naturally unfolding by the viewer.”

‘The Marriage’ is financed by the Kosovo Cinematography Center, of the company ‘Beze’ produced by Keka Kreshnik Berisha. The film also received financial support from the Albanian National Center of Cinematography.


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