Durim Kryeziu part of "Matchmaking Forum" at Pula Film Festival

Director Durim Kryeziu with his film "Family" was one fo 14 projects chosen to present before european and producers at the Pula Film Festival in Croatia.

Pula Film Festival is for 65 years one of the central film industry events in Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean. 

"Matchmaking Forum" is a new program held for the first time this year. The program provides producers with the opportunity to meet with more categories of financiers that are in the film industry such as: distributors, sales agents, banks, private and public investment funds, regions and film commissions, broadcasters, internet platforms and so on.

"After the presentation there was great interest shown in the project "Family", and I had many meetings with producers, distributors, different funds, and representatives of HBO and Euroimages. I expect that these meetings will produce new collaborations in the near future"- stated the director, Durim Kryeziu.

The filmic project "Family" is supported financially by the Kosovo Cinematography Center as a debutant film.

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