Macedonian Film Agency supported ‘Zgjoi’

The kosovan film project supported by KCC, ‘Zgjoi’ (Hive) by Blerta Basholli got financial support also from Macedonian Film Agency.

‘Zgjoi’ tells the story of Fahrije, a woman whose husband is missing since war in Kosovo, launches a small agricultural business to provide for her family in a traditional patriarchal environment where her ambition for empowerment is not seen as a positive thing. Her business starts well apart from bees in her hives, which seem to be chaotic and aggressive towards her. In her journey to make peace with bees, she begins making peace with herself too, so she could live and empower herself in a new situation for her facing a very hostile reality.

The film project also won the ‘Best Pitch Award’ at Prifest. The award contains the amount of 80,000 euros in services for post-production.

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