67 film projects applied to Kosovo Cinematography Center's open call

In the Kosovo Cinematography Center open call for 2018 which closed on the 4th of May, 67 filmic projects in total applied across different categories.

17 projects applied for the feature film category, 6 projects applied for minority co-production feature film category, 5 projects for the debut feature category and 9 projects for the feature documentary category. Whereas for the short film category 17 projects applied, and 4 projects applied for the short animation category.

In the category of screenplay development for feature film 8 projects applied whereas in the category of postproduction 1 project applied.

The commission for verification of documentation will examine all the applications and whether or not they meet all the necessary criteria of application. The Kosovo Cinematography Center will then name the selecting jury who its expected will make their final decision on the chosen projects by the end of June.

The Kosovo Cinematography Center's budget for this year is expected to be around 1 million euros.

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