ARMATA Cinema officially opens this week!

Kino ARMATA has the pleasure of inviting you to the opening of the house of film and culture, on Wednesday, 25 April 2018, from 19:00. A cocktail will be followed by the screening of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (German: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) directed by Robert Wiene, and the performance by TETRIS art collective, who will execute a live soundtrack over the moving images.


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (German: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) is a 1920 German silent horror film, directed by Robert Wiene and written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer. Considered the quintessential work of German Expressionist cinema, it tells the story of an insane hypnotist (Werner Krauss) who uses a somnambulist (Conrad Veidt) to commit murders. The film features a dark and twisted visual style, with sharp-pointed forms, oblique and curving lines, structures and landscapes that lean and twist in unusual angles, and shadows and streaks of light painted directly onto the sets.

The film presents themes on brutal and irrational authority; Dr. Caligari represents the German war government, and Cesare is symbolic of the common man conditioned, like soldiers, to kill. In his influential book From Caligari to Hitler, Siegfried Kracauer says the film reflects a subconscious need in German society for a tyrant, and it is an example of Germany's obedience to authority and unwillingness to rebel against deranged authority. He says the film is a premonition of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, and says the addition of the frame story turns an otherwise "revolutionary" film into a "conformist" one. Other themes of the film include the destabilized contrast between insanity and sanity, the subjective perception of reality, and the duality of human nature.



TETRIS is a Prishtina-based group of art outfitters, creating soundscapes based on hypnotic phrases from a myriad of synths and deep bass. Their ever-changing line-up is prone to heavy analogue manipulation of screeching guitars, classical piano and monotonous beats, adding color to their unpredictable yet (often) explosive performances.


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