20 films supported by KCC have been filmed during the year of 2017

During 2017 many film projects have started shooting, some of which are still in production and others in different stages of development.

This year, 20 films supported by KCC have started shooting, 8 of them are feature films such as: ‘A Prishtina Story’ by Burbuqe Berisha, ‘Cold November’ by Ismet Sijarina, ‘Field of Blackbirds’ by Arzana Kraja, ‘The Delegation’ by BUjar Alimani, ‘Troubled Skies’ by Anton Ndreca, ‘Aga’ by Lendita Zeqiraj, ‘The Happiness Effect’ by Borjan Zafirovski and ‘Open Door’ by Florenc Papas.

While the documentaries that started filming this year are: ‘Shpresa’ by Vjosa Abazi, ‘Storyteller’s Tale’ by Gazmend Avdiu, ‘Vater Atdhe’ by Pamela Cohn, ‘Champion’s Journey’ by Arton Humolli, ‘Kosova Brothers’ by Samir Karahoda and ‘Actors of Cannes’ by Mentor Spahiu.

Without leaving aside the short films like: ‘Drita’ by Rita Krasniqi, ‘A Month’ by Zgjim Terziqi, ‘Ajo’ by More Raça, ‘Klithma’ by Korab Lecaj, and two animated films, ‘Magnet’ by Arvan Berisha and ‘In Frame’ by Gëzim Ramizi.

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