‘Aga’ by Lendita Zeqiraj part of ‘Meeting Point’ – Vilnius

23 film projects will be presented at the ninth edition of Meeting Point – Vilnius, an international industry event that will take place on March 27-29, during VIFF Kino Pavasaris.

“Meeting point – Vilnius” is growing film industry event, attracting film industry professionals from Lithuania, Baltic countries and around Europe. Over 200 film professionals are coming to Vilnius every spring to participate in three days events - conference on audiovisual topics, Coming soon project presentation from Baltic and the whole Europe.

Part of the Coming Soon projects is also the film project ‘Aga’ by Lendita Zeqiraj, produced by Bujar Kabashi, a film supported by Kosovo Cinematography Center.

Coming Soon Session serves as a platform for debuting filmmakers to evolve or successfully finalize their projects. Consequently, launch their careers in the global film festival circuit.

Three of the participating projects of debut filmmakers will be picked for the industry screening at Cannes Marche du Film. The excerpts of selected winners will be shown in "Vilnius IFF Goes to Cannes" session at this year’s Cannes film festival. Two separate projects will be awarded sound and video post-production prize established by Vilnius Film Cluster and its members as well as receive a special digital storage and promotion prize from Baltic View and Noir Lumiere.



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