Produksioni/Production: Buka Production
Skenari/Screenplay: Gjergj Xhuvani
Regjia/Director: Gjergj Xhuvani
DoP: Jeton Lakna
Kohëzgjatja/Length: 10 min
Sinopsis/Synopsis: Uka, an older man, living alone in a house, in middle of the night he woke up because one UFO crashes close to his house. An Alien is trying to survive on earth. Uka will help him to to survive on earth and go back to his family. After a long journey the Alien gets in touch with his race.



Produksioni/ Production: Mono Studios

Skenari/ Screenplay: Selmon Beha, Jeton Rushiti
Regjia/ Director: Selmon Beha
DoP: Petrit Domi
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 15 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: Set during the Kosovo war, Train follows the story of JETON a young man who finds himself forced onto an overfill train carriage with a group of fellow refugees. Not knowing where the train is heading and unable to move Jeton and his fellow passengers are draw together through the fear of death that they have witnessed all around them. When the train stops for unknown reasons the weak sense comradery and safety that formed is shattered when LINDA a young mother asks for the front door to be open as the heat and lack of air is suffocating her baby. ADEM who is travelling with AFRIM his intellectually disabled brother is the only one positioned to open the door which he refuses to do. This leads to a confrontation with Jeton that forces all the terrified passages to decide whether to risk death through opening the door and saving the baby or leaving it shut and saving themselves


Everything is Broken up and Dances

Produksioni/ Production: Industria Film

Skenari/ Screenplay: Nony Geffen
Regjia/ Director: Nony Geffen

DOP: Ziv Berkovich

Aktorët: Gilat Ankori, Ella Armony, Dvir Benedek
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 89 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: Nony Geffen, 30, was named in honor of his uncle, Amnon, who was
killed in the Yom Kippur War. Amnon blessed memory, was a musician
that was not recognized before. Nony is a Student at university, He is
shy and nice. His best friend and roommate is a musician trying to
break in Tel Aviv. After being called to the reserves to fight, Nony
suffers shell shock due to fighting in Gaza. After a long treatment with
Psychiatric, Nony comes out of it, but he is convinced that he is "Amnon" his deceased uncle although he is not a singer and does not even know to play.



Produksioni/ Production: 3V Studio

Skenari/ Screenplay: Shkurte Dauti & Gazmend Bajri
Regjia/ Director: Shkurte Dauti & Gazmend Bajri

DOP: Gazmend Bajri
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 60 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: 

15 years passed from the Kosovo war, a war during which hundreds of mothers in town of Gjakova lost their children and their husbands and yet to this day many of them have no clue were the remains of their loved ones lie. During these years they’ve struggled, protested and demanded to know the truth about the fate of their loved ones with no result! They are constantly being ignored and marginalized by institutions and society. This documentary explores and reflects on psychological and mental consequences that these unfortunate women face daily. Through a period of two years we film them talking, reflecting and living with their loss & their pain. They tell us what they’ve been through and what they are going through so that things of this sort may not be repeated again.




Fjala / The Given Word

Produksioni/ Production: Ajo Pictures

Skenari/ Screenplay: Besian Hysaj
Regjia/ Director: Ujkan Hysaj
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 30 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: Shpend has a dream that his mom is on deathbed, but she cannot pass away without seeing him first. Before they execute the deserters, the commander of garrison finds out the reasons behind Shpend’s desertion, and he is ready to offer him two additional days to go home to meet his mom, if Shpend gives him the word to return.



Produksioni/ Production: Gërmia Films

Skenari/ Screenplay: Noar Sahiti
Regjia/ Director: Noar Sahiti

DOP: Gunnar Auðunn Jóhannsson
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 23 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: The end of the shift finds nurse Ajkuna conversing with a colleague. He's acquired the information she was looking for: a link to an organ trafficking circle. As she goes through various encounters with strangers and acquaintances, and wrestles with her daughter’s impending graduation, Ajkuna begins to see herself imploding.



Produksioni/ Production: ASHA
Skenari/ Screenplay: Dren Zherka
Regjia/ Director: Dren Zherka

DOP: Alex Bloom
Aktorët/ Actors:  Klara Höfels, Selman Jusufi
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 93.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: A story about loss, loneliness, and an unspoken bond that connects two aging parents far away from each other through a fatal accident. A woman in Germany is starting a journey to explore the life of an illegal immigrant and finds her pain and her loneliness, and an old man in Kosovo whom loss and loneliness have brought him to the end of his journey.





Produksioni/ Production: Arena
Skenari/ Screenplay: More Raca
Regjia/ Director: More Raca
Aktorët/ Actors:  Florentina Ademi, Albulena, Albulena Bardhi.
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 25 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: When their dad was alive, Hava used to live at her father’s house but after the tragedy, her brothers agreed that the father’s house will belong to the youngest brother. As a result, Hava must leave the house. Her life begins to be difficult because with her small salary she cannot afford to rent a flat.




Home Sweet Home

Produksioni/ Production: N.TSh Cineproduction
Skenari/ Screenplay: Zymber Kelmendi
Regjia/ Director: Faton Bajraktari
Dop: Latif Hasolli
Aktorët/ Actors: Donat Qosja, Arta Muçaj, Shkumbin Istrefi. 
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 90 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: After a war prisoner considered as a martyr, returns home, he will face with a circle that its name is used for personal profits.




Daullet e Rezistencës / Drums of Resistance

Produksioni/ Production: MB Office
Skenari/ Screenplay: Mathieu Jouffre
Regjia/ Director: Mathieu Jouffre
Dop: Mathieu Jouffre
Aktorët/ Actors: Rinaldo Rocco, Teuta Krasniqi, Nik Xhelilaj
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 75 min.
Sinopsis / Synopsis: “Drums of Resistanc” tells the story of the Kosovar Albanian parallel system during the 1990s; it speaks to how segregation and apartheid became the norm for Kosovar Albanians during Milosevic’s oppressive regime; it focuses on education as the main foundation upon which the Kosovar Albanian public life was organized; it explores and documents the stories of teaching in houses, basements, private apartments, stores, and many other venues turned into school premises. Drums of Resistance tells the story of the students, teachers, professors and citizens that made possible the education of young generations throughout a decade.





Engjëjt janë larg / Distant Angels

Produksioni/ Production: Buka Production
Skenari/ Screenplay: Gjergj Xhuvani
Regjia/ Director: Gjergj Xhuvani
Dop: Giorgio Fantini
Aktorët/ Actors: Rinaldo Rocco, Teuta Krasniqi, Nik Xhelilaj
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 96 min
Sinopsis: In the middle of the chaotic 1999 Kosovo war, Mario, an Italian priest, refuses to abandon a dozen Albanian orphans in his care.
Across the Adriatic Sea, the soulful and attractive Hana, leaves her life as a prostitute then makes her way across the Balkan battle zone in the hopes of finding her missing daughter. When Hana finally arrives at Mario’s orphanage, she ends up becoming a mother for the troubled children, as an unlikely attraction grows between her and the Italian man of God.